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Ligament Injuries and Healing

Among the most common injuries that healthcare practitioners and chiropractors see are from damaged or sprained ligaments. 

Ligaments are made up of dense connective tissue that holds bones together, supporting every joint in your body. They act to stabilize your joints while at rest and during normal range of motion. Ligaments are important for both stability and mobility in a joint. When a ligament is injured, it disrupts the balance between those two qualities.  

This imbalance will lead to an abnormal transmission of forces, which can lead to injury in other tissues around the joint.  The most common joints that suffer from ligament injuries are the shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, elbow, and wrist.  Research has shown that spinal ligament injuries account for a majority of auto accident injuries, and just like other major joints in the body, they are susceptible to similar outcomes when injured.    

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Working from Home During the COVID-19 Era

Many folks have been working from home over the past month and a half, and many of our favorite businesses have shut down.  Gyms, restaurants, movie theatres, schools, and daycares are the places we frequent the most.  Since we’re encouraged to leave our homes only for groceries and essential health services, most of us have…Continue Reading

How Strong is Your FOUNDATION?

People often ask me what I mean, when I say that “I work with the foundational segments of the spine”. Generally they think that i’m referring to the pelvis, low back or even the feet. In all honesty if you guessed those areas you’d be wrong, sorry to break it to you. When we look…Continue Reading