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What is a Bulging Disc and How Can it Be Prevented?

bulging disc ann arbor

Have you experienced debilitating pain in your back? Are you worried your pain is more than just every day aches and pains?

A bulging disc could be the culprit! If you’ve never experienced a bulging or herniated disc before, you may be intimidated by this diagnosis. Luckily, most disc bulges and herniations can be resolved with the right treatment plan, which includes specific spinal corrections and disc-reducing exercises.

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Managing Everyday Back Pain

Did you know back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor or miss work? It’s also a leading cause of disability worldwide. Back pain can be acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term). It can either feel like a sudden, sharp pain, or a dull, constant ache. While acute back pain…Continue Reading

Spend Less Time Recovering from Injuries

Spring is underway, and with warmer weather comes more time spent outdoors running, hiking, cycling, or starting a landscaping project. These activities are great ways to spend more time with family and get some fresh air, but they also come with risk of injury. Whether you’ve pulled a muscle or done more damage, being laid…Continue Reading

Benefits of Cold Showers

Is the idea of hopping in a cold bath or shower completely unappealing? You’re not alone. But, while most people favor a hot or warm shower, this is a fairly new norm. For most of human history, using hot water for bathing was a luxury. Instead, people made due by cleaning themselves in frigid ponds…Continue Reading