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How Can a Chiropractor Help After a Sports Injury?

If you’re an athlete, you understand the stress and demands we put on our bodies when we run, jump, lift, roll or swing for our sports.

Putting your body through years of athletics can result in tears, strains, and sprains, and even minor wear and tear that can be damaging and painful over time.

If you have pain because of a lingering sports injury, or if you’ve recently gotten hurt, you know how frustrating it can be to try to go through rehabilitation, especially if you’re anxious to get back on the field, the court, or into the gym.

Have you considered chiropractic care as an addition to your rehab? Chiropractors can treat and help prevent injuries in the neck, back, shoulders, knees, and ankles. Manual adjustments of the spine also ensures that bones are balanced, which helps relieve tension and promotes healing.

If you want relief for aches and pains due to an active lifestyle, chiropractic care could be your solution!

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Working from Home During the COVID-19 Era

Many folks have been working from home over the past month and a half, and many of our favorite businesses have shut down.  Gyms, restaurants, movie theatres, schools, and daycares are the places we frequent the most.  Since we’re encouraged to leave our homes only for groceries and essential health services, most of us have…Continue Reading

Personal Training with Specific Correction Chiropractic

I had a recent conversation with a patient a few weeks back about getting a personal trainer. His concern was that the aggressive workouts he performed with the trainer were going to “throw his adjustments off.” Basically undoing what we worked so hard to accomplish over the past few weeks. Exercises performed with proper technique…Continue Reading

What Time of Day Should I Workout?

When the topic of fitness and exercise comes up most people ask the question, “what should I be doing in the gym to help me lose weight or gain muscle?” The fitness program that you choose has a dramatic impact on the results you achieve. One aspect of fitness that most people seem to over…Continue Reading