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How to Prevent Heat-Related Illness

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From Dr. Gessert: From time to time I meet members of the community who are just as excited about helping people as I am. They’re knowledgeable in their field and do a great job at helping people to change their life. On occasion I invite these folks to share vital health information. At Pivotal, we believe that chiropractic care can work hand-in-hand with other types of healthcare to help people.

This month, we hear from Nicola Gerrett, who has researching human body temperature regulation for more than 10 years.

Summertime provides us with more opportunities to enjoy sports and exercise outside, but as air temperature rises, so does the risk of heat related incidences, such as heat syncope (fainting), heat cramps, heat strain, and heat stroke. This is exacerbated if there is little cloud cover (i.e., increased radiation from the sun) and if the relative humidity is high. But there are a few guiding principles to protect yourself from heat related incidences, and any reductions in exercise performance or recovery.

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Spend Less Time Recovering from Injuries

Spring is underway, and with warmer weather comes more time spent outdoors running, hiking, cycling, or starting a landscaping project. These activities are great ways to spend more time with family and get some fresh air, but they also come with risk of injury. Whether you’ve pulled a muscle or done more damage, being laid…Continue Reading

Working from Home During the COVID-19 Era

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Personal Training with Specific Correction Chiropractic

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What Time of Day Should I Workout?

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