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Protect Your Back While Shoveling Snow This Winter

back pain in ann arbor while shoveling

Whether we like it or not, winter in Michigan is here! With winter comes snow, and with snow comes the risk of hurting ourselves when we shovel.

Have you thrown out your back before? The pain can be intense, and even worse if you’re someone who suffers with chronic low back pain.

How can you prevent back pain and keep from throwing out your back?

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Exercises to Relieve Upper and Middle Back Pain

Do you see a chiropractor for back pain? Does your pain come back between appointments? Stretching by itself won’t fix back pain, but it can bring relief between visits to your chiropractor. Gently stretching your back strengthens and loosens your muscles; loosening helps relieve any pain you’re feeling at the time, while strengthening helps prevent…Continue Reading

Get Healthier in 2023 with a Chiropractor in Ann Arbor

Have you made a New Year’s Resolution for 2023? Do you want to get healthier this year? Most people would agree that the hardest part of starting any health journey is getting your diet and nutrition on track. With so much information available about dieting and getting healthy, it can be hard to figure out…Continue Reading

Why Does My Back Hurt in the Morning?

Do you wake up and have lower back pain? Many people experience back pain first thing in the morning, especially when moving from lying down to standing. Stiffness in the morning is usually because of decreased blood flow while sleeping, and symptoms usually subside after moving around. However, some people experience morning back pain more…Continue Reading