Exercises to Relieve Upper and Middle Back Pain

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Do you see a chiropractor for back pain?

Does your pain come back between appointments?

Stretching by itself won’t fix back pain, but it can bring relief between visits to your chiropractor. Gently stretching your back strengthens and loosens your muscles; loosening helps relieve any pain you’re feeling at the time, while strengthening helps prevent future pain. Both these things help increase your range of motion and make moving more comfortable.

Here are a few stretches that can help relieve upper and middle back pain:

  • Cat-cow pose: On your hands and knees with a flat back, alternate between dropping your belly while looking toward the sky and arching your back while tucking your chin. This will give you a gentle stretch along the whole spine.
  • Corner stretch: This pose targets upper back pain and promotes good posture. Face the corner of a room and put one forearm on each wall, then lean your chest towards the wall. This can also be done with a door jamb if you don’t have a corner.
  • Cobra pose: Lay on your stomach with your hands in line with your shoulders, then slowly raise your upper body. This stretch targets middle back pain.

Remember that stretching should never hurt! Be mindful while exercising so you don’t make the pain worse.

Find Relief for Middle Back Pain in Ann Arbor

Exercise helps relieve pain, but visiting a chiropractor can actually fix it. Dr. Gessert specializes in giving people in Ann Arbor relief for middle back pain. Pivotal Chiropractic offers complimentary consultations, so you don’t have to commit to treatment on the first visit. Contact us here or call (734) 221-0362 if you’re ready to say goodbye to back pain.

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