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Top Causes of Headaches

Do you suffer from frequent headaches?

Do you find yourself keeping spare pain relievers with you so you’ll always have relief?

Headaches are very common with so many of us, and some people feel that a headache is a normal part of their day. 

Could neck pain and neck tension be an underlying cause of your frequent headaches?

Even though headaches may be very common, they are not normal. To better understand how to treat the causes of your headaches, you need to first understand the most common types: tension or migraine.

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Working from Home During the COVID-19 Era

Many folks have been working from home over the past month and a half, and many of our favorite businesses have shut down.  Gyms, restaurants, movie theatres, schools, and daycares are the places we frequent the most.  Since we’re encouraged to leave our homes only for groceries and essential health services, most of us have…Continue Reading

What is a Bulging Disc and How Can it Be Prevented?

When we think of spraining ligaments or joints we usually think of the ankle or wrist. In reality, most neck and back pain is actually a sprain injury to the posterior wall of one or more spinal discs. Whether this occurs from an injury or trauma is a result of poor habits that have compounded…Continue Reading

Is it Safe to Crack My Own Neck?

It pains me as a Specific Correction Chiropractor in Ann Arbor when I’m out and about maybe at a local coffee shop in and I happen to catch someone cranking on their own neck. You’ve probably seen these people or you might be one yourself. These folks might grab their head, violently twisting their neck…Continue Reading