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Neck Pain Do’s and Don’ts: Why You Should Never Crack Your Own Neck

We’ve all seen it, and maybe you’ve even done it yourself. You’re sitting at your desk at work, or standing in line at a coffee shop, and you feel the telltale signs of neck tension – a little bit of pain or tightness along the line of your neck or shoulders – so you roll your head around a bit, or maybe you even twist your head from side to side a little more aggressively.

What happens next? A good crack. You might feel relief from pain – it’s probably just the tension relieving itself… right?

Not always! Cracking your neck can be the start of a vicious cycle caused by chronic tension that never goes away.

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What is a Bulging Disc and How Can it Be Prevented?

When we think of spraining ligaments or joints we usually think of the ankle or wrist. In reality, most neck and back pain is actually a sprain injury to the posterior wall of one or more spinal discs. Whether this occurs from an injury or trauma is a result of poor habits that have compounded…Continue Reading

Is it Safe to Crack My Own Neck?

It pains me as a Specific Correction Chiropractor in Ann Arbor when I’m out and about maybe at a local coffee shop in and I happen to catch someone cranking on their own neck. You’ve probably seen these people or you might be one yourself. These folks might grab their head, violently twisting their neck…Continue Reading