Chiropractic Care for Athletes

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Are you an athlete with a history of injuries? Do you have a hard time recovering after long practices, games, meets, or training sessions?

Every professional sports team works with a chiropractor, and many pro and college athletes rely on them to be better athletes.

Amateur athletes and gym enthusiasts all across the country rely on doctors to help keep them in peak physical shape, and chiropractors should be part of that team! Even if you’re just getting started on a health journey, having a chiropractic care plan and a doctor you can trust can provide you with health benefits for years to come.

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Bad Posture or Something Deeper?

Have you ever noticed how much your shoulders slump when you’re sitting at your desk? Do you find yourself hunched over your smartphone or laptop during the day? Poor posture affects so many of us, and a lot of us have given up on trying to correct the way we sit. But what if it…Continue Reading

Ligament Injuries and Healing

Among the most common injuries that healthcare practitioners and chiropractors see are from damaged or sprained ligaments.  Ligaments are made up of dense connective tissue that holds bones together, supporting every joint in your body. They act to stabilize your joints while at rest and during normal range of motion. Ligaments are important for both…Continue Reading

Do You Have Numbness and Tingling in Your Hands and Feet?

Have you experienced tingling in your arms and hands? What about numbness in your feet? Many people think that a numbness or tingling sensation in their extremities is part of the aging process, but this type of secondary condition can be an indicator of a deeper problem. If you’ve been ignoring unusual prickling sensations in…Continue Reading