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How Can a Chiropractor Help After a Sports Injury?

If you’re an athlete, you understand the stress and demands we put on our bodies when we run, jump, lift, roll or swing for our sports.

Putting your body through years of athletics can result in tears, strains, and sprains, and even minor wear and tear that can be damaging and painful over time.

If you have pain because of a lingering sports injury, or if you’ve recently gotten hurt, you know how frustrating it can be to try to go through rehabilitation, especially if you’re anxious to get back on the field, the court, or into the gym.

Have you considered chiropractic care as an addition to your rehab? Chiropractors can treat and help prevent injuries in the neck, back, shoulders, knees, and ankles. Manual adjustments of the spine also ensures that bones are balanced, which helps relieve tension and promotes healing.

If you want relief for aches and pains due to an active lifestyle, chiropractic care could be your solution!

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Ligament Injuries and Healing

Among the most common injuries that healthcare practitioners and chiropractors see are from damaged or sprained ligaments.  Ligaments are made up of dense connective tissue that holds bones together, supporting every joint in your body. They act to stabilize your joints while at rest and during normal range of motion. Ligaments are important for both…Continue Reading

Managing Chronic Pain During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As you know, Covid-19 is impacting our healthcare system and economy. The long term effects are unknown. As the number of cases rises, the healthcare system will be put to the test. Even though there will be an influx of Covid-19 patients into the hospital and clinical system, patients suffering from other conditions and injuries will…Continue Reading

What is a Bulging Disc and How Can it Be Prevented?

When we think of spraining ligaments or joints we usually think of the ankle or wrist. In reality, most neck and back pain is actually a sprain injury to the posterior wall of one or more spinal discs. Whether this occurs from an injury or trauma is a result of poor habits that have compounded…Continue Reading

Recovering from Injury

Summer is in full swing and with the warm weather most of you are going to be spending more time outside. Whether its running, cycling, hiking, or starting a landscaping project, these activities come with a risk of injury. When an injury does occur soft tissue like muscles, ligaments or tendons are damaged. This occurs…Continue Reading