Been in a Recent Car Crash? Get Relief for Neck Pain

Woman who has been in a car accident and has neck pain calls someone on her cell phone.

Did you know the average driver will be in a car crash once every 18 years?

Did you also know that even a minor fender bender can result in an injury, which can cause problems?

Typically, the first course of action is treating your pain with painkillers and rest. Once you feel better, you may think that you’re in the clear, but what if your symptoms linger?

If you have neck pain or back pain after being involved in a car accident, you could have a spinal injury or whiplash. If you don’t get the right type of care, those injuries could have serious, negative impacts on your health.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help Car Accident Injuries?

If you’re looking for treatments that don’t involve expensive medications or surgeries, chiropractic care could be the alternative for you. In car accidents, many injuries are the result of the musculoskeletal system being knocked out of proper alignment.

A whiplash injury can also happen from the force of rear-impact accidents or spin outs that strain the neck muscles. Where traditional medicine often relies on medication for pain symptoms, medication can mask or cover up painful symptoms that could be signs of a larger issue.

Specific structural chiropractic care doesn’t just treat the symptoms of your pain, but the underlying injury or injuries causing you pain. Painkillers offer immediate relief, but not long-term pain relief, which could last years if you don’t treat your car accident-related injuries properly.

According to the Insurance Research Council, “nearly one third of all claimants injured in motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) seek treatment from doctors of chiropractic.”

According to a 2012 study on the Epidemiology of Whiplash, “manual therapy (i.e., cervical mobilization and or manipulation), together with exercise appear to be the most effective noninvasive treatments for patients with acute whiplash related neck pain.”

The reason so many people choose to use chiropractic during their recovery process is because of its unique advantages in treating soft tissue injuries such ligament sprains and muscle strains of the spine.

Choose a Chiropractor Who Puts You First!

We understand that healthcare choices are critical decisions and that you have many different options in Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities. If you have back pain, neck pain, or tingling or numbness in your hands and feet, it’s time to see a chiropractor. To schedule a complimentary consultation, where a conversation is never a commitment, contact us at 734-221-0362.

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