Clearing the Highways of Ann Arbor

Living in southeast Michigan I’m sure you’ve experienced it; bumper to bumper traffic on one of the many highways or interstates that weave through the Ann Arbor area. We all wish there were some magic button that we could push that would just clear the road in front of us. A giant plow or bulldozer perhaps that could sweep through and just move all those vehicles out of our way. When the road is clear its easy sailing, we can get from point A to point B in a stress free reasonable time.
Construction on M-14 is a major blockage in the highway system. A Segmental Displacement is a major blockage in the NERVOUS SYSTEM.
Construction on M-14 in Ann Arbor is a major blockage in the highway system. A Segmental Displacement is a major blockage in the NERVOUS SYSTEM.
The highway and interstate system around Ann Arbor allows traffic to move all over the state and even the country. Think of this system like your central nervous system. The brain, nerves and spinal cord allow information to travel throughout your body to all the organs and tissues. This information is what tells your body how to operate. The brain is the source of this information and the spinal cord is like US-23 with branching highways M-14 and I94 as spinal nerves along the way. Eventually these branching highways turn into smaller neurons or roads like Washtenaw Ave or Eisenhower Blvd. Whether it’s the road system or central nervous system these organizations are susceptible to blockages or obstructions. One major blockage in our road system comes to mind; CONSTRUCTION. When one or more lanes are closed down just like M-14 on the north west side of Ann Arbor, the blockage in the normal flow of traffic causes a back up. It slows down the movement of traffic from one side of the city to the other. This causes major problems for those caught in the mayhem.


Like wise a blockage in the nervous system or spinal nerves may result in many different Secondary Conditions or symptoms. As a specific correction chiropractor my goal is to find these blockages in the nervous system which are referred to as Segmental Displacements and correct them. By correcting the displacement we allow the nerves to work like a highway absent of traffic.

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