Are Lawn Chores Causing Your Back Pain?

Are you spending more time outside getting your lawn ready for winter?

Do you find that when you’re finished for the day, you can feel the muscles in your back tightening and getting sore?

Do you struggle with back pain after a full day outside?

As we begin the lawn chores that prep our homes and yards for the winter to come, these chores can lead to injuries including lingering back pain.

What types of chores can lead to injuries?

  • Picking up/raking leaves – Raking frequently can lead to lower back pain. All the bending and twisting can cause havoc on your back, especially if you didn’t stretch beforehand.
  • Cleaning gutters – Climbing on a ladder can be dangerous but even with a stable ladder or someone holding it steady, all the reaching and twisting to get to those nooks and crannies in your gutters can put strain on your back.
  • Putting away outdoor furniture – Lift with your knees rather than your back! Better yet, get someone to help you move large pieces of furniture, picnic tables, or other heavy outdoor equipment.

How to Prevent Injuries from Fall Chores

Before you do anything outside, it’s important to warm up your body with stretching or going for a short walk. By getting the blood flowing, you prep your muscles that may be underused.

Get someone to help you complete the chores and relieve stress on your body!

Lastly, if you’re prone to a sore back, or if you injure yourself doing chores, schedule an appointment with your chiropractor. Regular appointments keep your body and spine working optimally and help alleviate any lingering aches and pains.

Whether it’s an outdoor activity like running, cycling, hiking, or starting a landscaping project and cleaning up the yard, these activities come with a risk of injury.

When an injury does occur, soft tissue like muscles, ligaments or tendons are damaged. Getting the care you need early in the injury when your muscles are inflamed is the most important part of the healing process and can sometimes leave you feeling better than you were before the injury!

See Dr. Gessert for Relief after Fall Chores!

At Pivotal Chiropractic our focus will be on a thorough structural and neurological correction of your spine. Dr. Gessert is one of a few hundred doctors trained to do specific correction work. The precise nature of specific correction chiropractic allows for greater acceptance and ease of structural alignment.

Dr. Gessert has assembled an excellent team of healthcare professionals in the community. If during your consultation we find that Pivotal Chiropractic isn’t the right fit for you then we will refer you to the best health practitioner to help with your concern.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation by calling 734-221-0362 or filling out the contact form!

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